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At Eggersmann, I had the pleasure of orchestrating over 20 lively Chicago networking events annually, most of which drew crowds of 150+ guests. Additionally, I hosted smaller, more intimate gatherings to cater to specific needs within our community. My role encompassed a broad spectrum of responsibilities, including graphic design, event setup, playlist creation, vendor coordination, logistics management, and providing creative input on decor and entertainment. Collaborating with local art galleries and artists added an extra creative flair, and I even stepped behind the bar on occasion! These events were all about fostering connections within our design community, be it through laid-back events or more formal affairs.


Thanks to Eggersmann's sponsorship of many other events, my colleague and I had the opportunity to represent the company at various design-focused gatherings. We attended as guests or set up a booth to showcase Eggersmann products, always engaging and connecting.

Chicago Art Galleries & Designers Paired Up to Create Immersive Art and Fundraise for Chicago PAWS Shelter 
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Teamed Up with Brand Partners and the Chicago Design Community to Provide Informational Events
Supporting the Chicago AIA Community with a variety of Award and Social Events.
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